We are a UK Business using our manufacturing technology to manage the best value for the NHS, the highest quality, and innovation brought quickly to market to benefit patients and clinicians.

Wherever possible we utilise automation and injection moulding with new materials to eliminate the variability resulting from traditional, hot forging of steel instruments.

As the use of single use devices increases across developed healthcare markets driven by increased regulation and decontamination costs, manufacturing has to develop sustainable processes and capacity whilst not compromising on quality.

All our steel instruments can be recovered using validated processes by authorised medical contractors for reuse as industrial steel. Contact us if your organisation needs advice on this

Our team is highly skilled and trained with internal expertise and NHS experience in device use and decontamination.

Many of our patented designs have originated in collaboration with clinicians where we understand a problem or issue with a device then arrive at a new design concept. We then prototype and bring a product to the healthcare user in sometimes less than a year including full compliance to regulatory pathways.

Our patented single use podiatry nipper was introduced onto a national Framework by the NHS Innovation Pathway.

If you have a concern, frustration or just and original idea that improves technique or safety or transmits to enhancing user occupational safety then contact us. We can do something if it is viable.